Runway detail of the ever intense babydoll Tanya Dziahileva at John Galliano F/W 2009

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“It all comes down to the last person you think of at night. That’s where your heart is.”

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enemy of the dogspotting community

“I wish I could be more.”

- (Six Word Story)

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Match #164

Magdalena Frackowiak at John Galliano Fall 2009 | Dew Drops on Peony (detail) by Hanne Lore Koehler

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i love galliano’s makeup looks FRICK

Going to the dentist is awkward because they ask you questions but you cannot answer them without interrupting their work


BW sketch:

Waist-up: $2 - $4

Fullbody: $3 - $5

Flat colors:

Waist-up: $4 - $6

Fullbody: $7 - $10


Waist-up: $8 - $14

Fullbody: $14 - $20

**Additional characters half price, but more complicated poses will cost more

Things that I won’t/can’t draw:

  • NSFW/nudity
  • gore/guro (minor injuries/blood ok!)
  •  Furries
  •  Mecha + heavy armor
  •  Men (Boys are ok!)

Things that I can draw:

  • Anything not listed above
  •  bl/gl ok

Payments will be through paypal

Please message me if interested!